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At Dealer Clocks, we place a lot of emphasis on you subscribing to our mailing lists. Why is this so?

Due to the nature of the products we are selling, we run a risk of having our site shut down at anytime. And we because we believe in the quality of our products and service, we know we can have a strong and long-lasting relationship with our customers. We believe you will keep coming back.

And the worst thing that can happen to us is for our site to be shut down, and knowing that you, our loyal friends and customers, have no way of finding us again.

That is what the mailing list is for. We will update you guys and girls should there be any changes in our website addresses, and also take the chance to update you on any offers we may be running.

And don’t worry! We know how annoying mailing lists can be, so we will limit newsletters to only once a month, that is more than enough to update you on what’s going on in the Dealer Clocks world!

To subscribe to our mailing list, simply key in your email address in the box on the bottom of the page.

Best regards

The Dealer Clocks Team


PS. Recently we have had a number of enquiries asking us why our clocks are priced higher than those $50-$90 ones they can find in their local canal street night/flea markets.

We would like to clarify that our RoIex clocks are manufactured exclusively for us only. We do supply a few online resellers but please check the quality of the product before you purchase. If you come across a price too good to be true, it often is.

We are confident in the quality of our clocks, and you can see this in the macro close up shots we take for each model. There are obvious differences in quality between our clocks and the lower priced ones in the market and we are sure you’ll find ours good value for the quality.

We are also able to supply the lower quality clocks as well, but we do not list them on our site as these are sourced from other factories and are not exclusive to us. Hit us up on email if you wish to purchase these.

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